Vague Designs is an Australian graphic and motion design business, providing high quality and affordable designs for businesses, companies, gaming teams and also personal use for clients nationally and internationally. We have been designing since April 2010 and have grown rapidly. We now specialize in both graphic design, animation and 3D modeling, creating anything from a small forum signature or a YouTube intro to designing a whole room of a house and having a virtual walk through the area.

Dan Wiggins is the CEO and Creative Director of Vague Designs and created the business in April 2010, initially under the business name of "General Designs" and then later changed it to "Vague Designs". Vague Designs has now branched out from the initial graphic design and into animation and web design, along with 3D modeling and virtual architecture. At Vague Designs, no order is too large, or too small. We will work to the best of our abilities to ensure complete customer satisfaction. If you would like to find out more about Vague Designs. Please feel free to send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

We currently sponsor a variety of Australian eSports organizations such as: emphatic Gaming, Here to Stay, Parallel Gaming and Featured Gaming. We also sponsor MLG organizations in the United States such as the Convergence Gaming organization and events like the Northern Queensland RushLan events. Vague Designs are proud donors to of the Cancer support charity: Leukaemia Foundation.

If you would like to apply for sponsorship or partnership with Vague Designs, please visit our sponsorship page.